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Opposing Forces:


Captain Henry Seaman, C.O.


5-6 Scouts from the 5th Kansas Cavalry



Seaman’s Battalion:

Capt. Pierson

Lt. Thrasher

64-70 recruits

Williams’ Battalion:

Capt. R.G. Ward

Capt. A.G. Crew Co. A

Adj. R.J. Hinton Co. B

Lt. Dickerson Co. C

Lt. Minor Co. D

Lt. Huddleton Co. E

Lt. Gardner Co. F

160-170 recruits



Col. Vard Cockerel: Southern recruiter for western Missouri. Vard was from Johnson County


Dick hancock: Formerly held a commission in the M.S.G. and was C.O. of his own independent cavalry Unit. Dick was present at the Battle of Lone Jack and was a resident of Bates County


Bill Turman: Bill was a Bates County partisan who was involved in an ambush at the Miami Crossing early in 1862. Bill was probably very involved in the border warfare as he shows up on the 1855 Kansas Territorial Census.

Estimated force of irregular cavalry 250-400

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