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9. The horsemen turned to their right, evidently with the intention of outflanking Armstrong. Witnessing the rebel horsemen on the north slope of the mound, Captain Ward ordered Lieutenants Minor and Dickerson to move their units forward. As the rebels continued down the slope of the mound, they were met by a volley from Captain Thrasher’s unit, which had just been posted by Captain Seaman. Ward immediately posted Minor and Dickerson at the open angle between Armstrong’s and Thrasher’s units, thereby preventing the rebels from gaining the flank of either of those units. In the face of the concerted fire of the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteers the rebel horsemen wheeled about and charged back up the mound pursued by Armstrong’s men.

Some members of Gardner’s besieged detachment saw Armstrong’s men emerging from the smoke on the north side of the mound at the "double quick," and broke for the friendly unit. However, Captain Crew was able to keep a few of the men together, and attempted an orderly withdrawal towards Armstrong. While withdrawing, Crew fell badly wounded in the groin. Some half-dozen mounted rebels surrounded Crew and demanded his surrender. Crew would not yield, and he admonished the nearby African-American troops to do the same. One of the rebels leveled his revolver on Crew’s chest and fired. Crew fell dead, his heart pierced by the bullet. The rebels dismounted and rifled Crew’s body taking his pistol and watch. One of the nearby African-American soldiers soon recovered the watch when he killed the rebel who took it.